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NA02160_.WMF (11116 bytes)A ship, sailing across the ocean, was wrecked close to a small island and sank. All were drowned except one young man. He was able to reach the shore, and after a time he explored the island. He found trees and wild animals, but no human being. His only possession was a jackknife, beside what he had on. He was without food or axe or house. Having no matches, he eventually started a fire by using the warm sunshine. Led by the sound of running water, he came to a stream. He was able to catch some fish and bake them. This was a treat after a sole diet of a few berries.SL00466_.WMF (8816 bytes)

Thus refreshed, he decided to make a shelter for the night. He started to cut down a tree with his knife. It seemed a hopeless task. He had to work long and hard to cut enough trees to build a cabin. Instead of nails, he used green twigs to fasten the poles together. It took him a month to build the cabin.

SO01819_.WMF (15910 bytes)One morning, early, he went out to fish. While thus occupied, he smelled smoke. Since had made no fire that morning the smoke puzzled him. Then he saw smoke coming from the direction of his little house. Running to the cabin, he was just in time to see it go up in flames. Great sorrow overcame him, for his hard work was now all in vain.

Throwing himself down under a tree, he cried himself to sleep. The next morning a strange noise awakened him. It was a man=s voice coming from the direction of the ocean. A man was calling to find out if anyone was on the island.

TN00572A.gif (3542 bytes)Hurrying to the shore, the lone man saw a large ship anchored and a small boat near the shore. In almost no time he was rescued and taken on board the ship.

He soon learned that the fire was the signal that brought the men to his rescue. Not all was against him. God had allowed the fire, and it was a blessing in disguise.

There are many troubles and sadnesses in the world. There are sickness and pain and death. For the child of God, the one whose faith and trust are in the Lord Jesus Christ, Awe know that all things work together for good.@ We who are saved can trust God in the tragedy and in the triumph knowing that He Who sees all and knows all and Who loves with a perfect loveBGod does all things well!

Look up and read Romans 8:28B39.

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