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Romans 10:17 says, A. . . faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.@

not-pkg.gif (8582 bytes)What is faith? We cannot see it or feel it. It has no shape or smell. We cannot ask the storekeeper for a pound and a half of faith. What is faith anyhow?

Faith is believing God. Faith is trusting Him. Faith is taking God at His Word. Faith is believing what God says He will do. Faith needs facts or it is no good at all. We can put our faith in the wrong thing and we find ourselves let down or disappointed.

wpe12.gif (2137 bytes)Suppose I really believe that 2 + 3 = 6. Suppose, believing it, I put that answer down on the test. Will the teacher mark my answer correct? No, because my facts are wrong. Just believing something does not make it true.

Bottle.wmf (4416 bytes)A nurse one day was preparing a formula for a newborn baby. Accidentally she used salt instead of sugar, because she believed she was using sugar. The baby died. The nurse=s facts were wrong. Her faith was only as good as the facts.

dinechr.wmf (854 bytes)Suppose I sit in a chair believing it will hold me up. I must have faith because I don=t really know if the chair will hold me this time. If the chair is strong, it will hold me up. If the chair is not strong, it will collapse. My faith is only as good as the fact of how strong the chair is.

What are you trusting to get you into heaven? Are you sure it will get you there? Believing is not good enough. It matters what you believe or in this case Whom you believe, Whom you trust. The Bible says of the Lord Jesus Christ that He is like a solid rock or foundation stoneCHe is tried and proven. The Bible says that the one who believes in Him will never be disappointed or put to shame.

wpe13.gif (1286 bytes)If you were drowning, would you allow the lifeguard to rescue you? Would you then allow the Lord Jesus Christ Who died in payment for your sins and arose again to save your soul from sin? Acts 4:12 says, ANeither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.@ ABelieve on (put your complete faith and trust in) the Lord Jesus Christ (and Him alone), and thou shalt be saved@ (Acts 16:31).

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