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A Bible Haircut!

HH02292_.WMF (4084 bytes)Absalom had a haircut. The Bible tells about it. The record of this haircut has been preserved through the centuries. This was not an ordinary haircut. It was the haircut of a proud, handsome man. Absalom was the son of David, the king of Israel. (Read about him in 2 Samuel 14:25-26.) Absalom's beauty is recorded because in all of Israel there was none quite so handsome as he. Once a year he had his hair cut because it was thick and long and badly needed trimming. The weight of the hair that was cut off was 6 pounds! The Lord has even taken the trouble of recording the weight of the hair that was taken off!

Now probably you never weighed your hair, did you? Did anyone ever interview you about your haircut so it could be put in the libraries of the world? Why would God want the story of Absalom's haircut to be known by all people everywhere? It was because this short story contains such important lessons for us.

Absalom's long hair was an outward sign of his rebellious heart against God and God's authority and order. God says that men should look like men and women should look like women; boys should look like boys and girls like girls. He says that it is a shame for a man to have long hair (1 Corinthians 11:14-15).

Odvso036.jpg (51500 bytes)Absalom lived for the beauty of his physical body and the glory of his person. He was a handsome man. The Bible says that he did not have a mole or a wart or a pimple on his entire body! His feet were as perfect as his face! No doubt he spent many hours before the mirror keeping himself handsome.

Absalom was able to grow lots of hair, but he could not develop any grace, that kindness, meekness, and gentleness which are characteristic of God in his heart. Absalom cared for the beauty of his body but paid no attention to the development of his soul. Absalom was careful to protect his body from any harm, but he did not care enough to preserve his soul from sin. He lived a wicked, rebellious life, and he died a wretched death. He left all his beauty in the grave. What a warning to the rest of us!

God calls the man or woman, boy or girl foolish who puts all his effort and energy into this world and this life and neglects his undying soul and the life to come. "For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul" (Mark 8:36) "The Lord sees not as a man sees, for man looks on the outward appearance but the Lord looks on the heart" (1 Samuel 16:7).

Where is your life centered--in this world or in the living God Who made this world and you?

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