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Abraham, Hero of Faith

You have no doubt heard of the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Basketball Hall of Fame and the Football Hall of Fame, but did you know that God has a hall of fame, too? In Hebrews chapter 11, God tells of some of the men and women who trusted Him for great things. We might call it the Hall of Faith!

Abraham is listed there--oh, not Abraham Lincoln--but a man who lived long before Abraham Lincoln. Abraham was just an ordinary man who came to believe that gods of wood and clay and stone were not gods at all. Abraham came to trust in the true and living God.

One day God spoke to Abraham telling him to leave his homeland and to go to a new land that God would show him. Abraham did not know where to go, but he knew Who said go, and Abraham decided, "that is good enough for me."

God told Abraham he would have a family too big to count, like the stars of the sky or the sand on the seashore, but Abraham had no children at all. Abraham didn't know when he would have a family, but he knew Who had promised it, and he decided, "that's good enough for me."

Abraham was very old, 99 years old, too old to have children. His wife, Sarah, was old too. But God once again told him he would have a son. Abraham didn't understand how, but he understood Who said it, and so he decided, "that's good enough for me."

Later God gave a son, but then one day He told Abraham to kill his son on an altar of sacrifice. This was the promised son! Abraham didn't understand why, but he understood Who said it and he decided, "that's good enough for me."

Every time, God kept His Word. Abraham learned that he didn't have to understand where, or when, or how, or why. All he needed to know was Who, Who said it. God's promises are good enough!

God has made exceedingly great and precious promises to His children. Sometimes we don't understand the when's and where's and why's and how's of life. But if we understand the Who of life, the God of Life, we will be at peace without worry.

Have you found the all sufficient Word of God good enough for you?

Have faith in God.
(Mark 11:22)

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