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hen.gif (8870 bytes)Speckle was a hen who belonged to a boy named Tom, Tom prized his pet hen and took the best care of it he knew how. But one day his hen was missing. He searched all over the barnyard but he could not find Speckle anywhere at all. Days went by and still he could not find Speckle.

chiknest.wmf (13052 bytes)One afternoon while walking through the fields he spied her. There she was. She had made herself a nest and there she sat on five eggs keeping them warm. Tom went every day to see Speckle and took her some food and water. Day after day the hen sat until the eggs began to hatch. Tom was so happy to see three, then four, then five little chicks.

chick.wmf (6808 bytes)But then the next day as Tom came near to the field he discovered there had been a terrible grass fire. The field was burned. Running to the spot where he knew Speckle was, he found her scorched dead from the flames.chick.wmf (6808 bytes) Moving her gently aside with his foot, out popped three, four, five little chicksCalive and well! Speckle had died to save her chicks. Speckle died that they might live.

Cross.gif (1286 bytes)This little story reminds us of the God of heaven Who became a man in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ became a man for the suffering of death that He by God=s gracious loving kindness might die for usCfor our sins. He took the awful punishment we deserved. But then He arose again. To those who put their trust in Him He forgives and gives everlasting life. Have you trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as your only God and Saviour from sin? Christ died and arose that we might live forever.

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