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How Old is God?


Image result for Clip Art Numbers 1-20No matter how large a number is, it is finite. It is always possible to mention a number that is larger. Scientists speak of the google. It is the number one, followed by 100 zeros. The google is unimaginably large! But then think of the googleplexus which we believe is the google raised to the googleth power or a google times itself a google times. It is said that if this number were written out, there would not be space on earth to contain the pages required. In fact, they would more than fill our galaxy!

Image result for AgeHow old is God? Can we say that God is a google years old? No, God is older than that. Can we say that God's age is somewhere in the googleplexus? No, God is older than that! God is forever old. God has eternal life. He has no beginning. He has no ending. He says: from everlasting to everlasting He is God (Psalm 90:2). He speaks as the high and lofty one who inhabits eternity (Isaiah 57:15).

Image result for infinityThere has never been a time when God did not exist. There will never be a time when God will cease to exist. His life has no starting point and no stopping point. God is the uncaused cause of everything that is. God is eternal and self-sufficient besides. He needs and depends on no one.

You and I have birthdays. We can mark a day on which we began, on which we came alive. You and I have a beginning, but there is a sense in which we have no ending. God has created us to exist forever. We must all exist forever in one of two places. Either we recognize ourselves as sinfully wretched, hopelessly lost, falling short of the perfect character of holy God, deserving God's wrath against sin, and we thus put our whole trust in the Almighty One who purchased our soul's salvation by His blood on Calvary's cross and arose again from the dead, or, we go our own sinful way, doing our own thing, trusting ourselves and our own good works. If we trust Christ, we share God's eternal life in heaven. If we refuse Him we are eternally condemned to exist forever in the everlasting lake of fire.

For my part I have chosen to trust the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. For your part, what have you chosen?

"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved."

Acts 16:31

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