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Straight Thinking

house.gif (7852 bytes)Young Clifford had forgotten all about the neighbor=s new driveway, and thoughtlessly raced right into the fresh cement. He was quite upset when he saw the unsightly footprints in the smooth surface. Since no one had seen him, he reasoned that if he didn=t tell anyone, he would not be blamed. Not long afterwards, however, convicted by his conscience, he walked up bravely to Mr. Baker, his neighbor and said, AMr. Baker, I am very sorry, but I must confess that a little while ago I stepped into your new cement.@

Mr. Baker hurried out and looked at the prints. AI=m very glad you told me Footstp2.wmf (62168 bytes)about this right away, Son, for now I can still fix it. The contractor left some cement here for me to spread on the driveway just in case anyone made such a mistake. If you had waited the whole thing would have hardened, and then it would have always shown up as a bad spot.@

Footstp1.wmf (15852 bytes)As they worked together fixing the spot Cliff said, AYou know, I am beginning to think that it=s that way with all sins and mistakes; it=s much easier to fix them up right away, than to leave them until they harden! That was straight thinking!

                                                                                            He that covereth his sins shall not prosper:

but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them

shall have mercy.

Proverbs 28-13

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