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wpe1.jpg (6696 bytes)On the ground snow speaks. Talking snow? Well, it doesn't really talk, but it squeaks. The approximate temperature of snow can be measured by the sound it makes underfoot. A deep crunch means the temperature is only slightly below freezing. The pitch rises as the temperature gets lower until at five degrees the sound is unpleasantly high, like wpe3.jpg (18128 bytes)the notes on a violin being played poorly.

Countless billions of snow crystals have fallen on the earth, each a perfect piece of design, and so far as is known, no two have every been wpe5.jpg (2241 bytes)found to be identical. Snow crystals are formed when water vapor crystallizes in the air into different shapes, the shape depending on the temperature and the amount of water vapor. The wpe4.jpg (59978 bytes)crystals are always six-sided but they can take the forms of plates, thin needles, prisms, and star shapes. Snowflakes form when simple crystals fall into a warm, lower atmosphere, melting slightly and bunching together.

What can we learn from snow crystals? Well, it is God Who made them and God made them perfectly. God made them to differ one from another and God made them to fall to their places.

This is true of people also. God made us, everyone. God made us perfect and though we have sinned God has sent His Son that we might one day be perfect again through faith in Him. God made us different from one another. We are different sizes. We have different color hair, eyes, skin. Our noses come in different sizes and shapes. Our voices are different. God has set us in different places, different towns, and cities, different states, different countries. God placed us in different families.

Should we be disappointed about who we are and what we are like and where we live? No, we should give thanks. God plans to bless us and teach us and use us right where we are.

Should we laugh at or make fun of another person because of who he is or what he is like or where he lives? No, God made him to be different and God has a purpose for him also.

God made you, you. Be thankful and learn about Him. God made your neighbor, him. Be thankful and learn to cooperate together like the snow crystals that make up the snow flakes that working together cover our ground.

God=s ways are perfect. God=s ways are right. The God Who made all the snow crystals with infinite variety made you. And you are important to Him. Why not tell God thank you right now for making you, you. And ask Him to make you an even better you.

A. . . By the grace of God I am what I am. . ."

1 Corinthians 15:10

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