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The Rainforest

 In the equatorial regions of the new world, torrential rains and hot, humid weather have nurtured a lush tropical forest. The tangled branches of its trees form a canopy or roof-like covering more than 100 feet high, so thick that only occasional beams of sunlight can get through. Below the canopy young trees struggle to grow up while above it stand a few giants as high as 200 feet tall. Birds, monkeys, sloths, lizards and snakes live their entire lives in the branches; pig-like peccaries and tapirs go about on the floor; myriads of insects fly through the motionless air and crawl across the foliage. Everywhere woody vines, many as thick as a watermelon and more than 200 feet long, hang from the trees. Countless orchids andlizard8.wmf (3022 bytes) other flowering Aair@ plants grow on rotting logs and in the damp crannies of living trees. Acre for acre, the tropical rain forest harbors a greater variety of life than any other land area.

Interesting, isn=t itCall the lands God has madeCtropical rain forests, deserts, icelands? God has made them all, but it seems none are so rich in life and growth as the rain forest. God has made each human life, too. Each life is different, but there are no lives so rich and full and fruitful as the man or woman, boy or girl who gives himself completely to God (see Romans 12:1B2), who grows in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (see 2 Peter 3:18). The Lord Jesus said, AI am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly@ (John 10:10).

What makes the rain forest so rich and fruitful? It is the abundance of rain and the hot humid weather. It is the canopy or roof of protection from the tangled branches. What makes the believer=s life rich and fruitful? It is the numberless blessing that God floods upon the life that trusts in Him. It is the warmth of His love and the light of His face in the midst of our struggles. It is the roof and walls of protection with which He surrounds us by His Word and by other believers.

What kind of life is yoursCa desert? A cold, iceland? Or a tropical forest? What do you want your life to be? Receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your only God and Saviour from sin and let Him be all He wants to be to your life. And rememberCrain forests do not happen overnight.

Lord, make my heart a rain forest, showing the abundant life of Christ
and the infinite wisdom of Almighty God. Lord, make my life a fruitful field.

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