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Mnkytree.wmf (26968 bytes)In 1935 psychologist C. R. Carpenter shipped several hundred rhesus monkeys from India to Santiago Island, off Puerto Rico, where he released them to study their natural society. When they were set free on the island, they swung into the trees and fights broke out. Males battled until a leader emerged. Losers gradually took their positions under him. Now the females turned to the care of their young and to friendly relationships with other females. Once they had established order in their society, the monkeys showed deeper feelings. Traveling groups moved through the trees at a pace to accommodate the old and infirm. It seems that almost all animals use fighting to create order.

cow2.gif (3144 bytes)A man traveling through a clover spattered meadow winced to see cow.wmf (6486 bytes)two cows cracking their heads together. The farmer explained, "Cow fights make for order and peaceful individuals. The sooner those two decide which is gonna be boss cow, the sooner I'll get a bucket of milk from both of them."

It seems that order is necessary for good life and good production. These rules are also true for the spiritual realm. God is a God of order and arrangement. He demands that all His creation rank itself under Him. When all is in order there is peace and harmony and good production. When there is sinful rebellion there is hatred and strife and envy and murder.

God calls on man to end his rebellion against God. God says repent--change your mind about yourself, your sin, and the Saviour, and change your direction. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. Then, being justified or declared righteous by faith, you will have peace with God, on God's terms.

Sometimes the Christian tries to knock heads with God. He wants his own way, like Jacob in the Old Testament (see Genesis 32). Jacob wrestled with God to his own hurt until he settled on Who would be Boss. When Jacob ranked Himself under God's authority there was peace and harmony, and a fruitful life.

1 Peter 5:6 says, "Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time." Let God be the Boss. He is the Lord.

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