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Where is God?

BS00811_.WMF (3918 bytes)The world is filled with trouble. There is killing and stealing and bombing and kidnapping and war and hunger and poverty. Where is God in the midst of it all? Has God forgotten the world? No, but the PE03329_.WMF (3884 bytes)world has forgotten God. We stretch out our hands to one another, but how many are lifting their hands and hearts to God in prayer? The troubles of the world are the result of a world out of step with God, going the wrong way. The troubles and trials prove that God is right and man is wrong. God will not now throw Himself and His solution on the world. That day will come, but for now, God lets man have his own way. Each one wpe8.jpg (5300 bytes)must choose to let God fix and fill his life or go his own way. Whether a person will believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved or not is up to him or her. God is still God and He always will be. The day will come when God will take over and rule. In the meanwhile God wants to rule your life. Will you let Him?

They cannot shell His temple,
Nor dynamite His throne;
They cannot bomb His city,
Nor rob Him of His own.

They cannot take Him captive,
Nor strike Him deaf and blind,
Nor starve Him to surrender,
            Nor make Him change His mind.

They cannot cause Him panic;
Nor cut off His supplies;
They cannot take His kingdom,
Nor hurt Him with their lies.

Though all the world be shattered,
His truth remains the same,
His righteous laws still potent
And AFather@ still His Name.

Though we face war and struggle
And feel their goad and rod,
We know above confusion
               There always will be God.

          CDr. Albert Leonard Murray

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