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The Destructive Tongue

Zot! There he goes again. The giant anteater is surely one of the strangest animals on earth. He belongs to the same group as the armadillo, but instead of hard skin armor, the anteater is covered by thick fur. The giant anteater has a long rounded snout, with a very small mouth. His tongue is long and sticky, useful for catching insects. The anteater uses its powerful claws for tearing open anthills and termites' nests. The long tongue pushes deep into the nest. The insects inside are caught on the sticky tongue, swept up and swallowed. The anteater's long claws serve it well also for defense against its enemies.

The Bible speaks in Galatians 5:25 of those who bite and devour one another. Now they do not really bite other people and eat them up, but they use their tongues to say mean and hateful things which tear up and destroy other people's lives and reputations. No wonder James says in the Bible book of James, chapter three that the tongue is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison. We use it on the one hand to bless God, but on the other hand to curse men. These things ought not to be. The child of God, born again through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, has a new Owner, a new Manager. He ought to give his tongue over to God's control. Only God can control and tame our tongues and keep us from hurting and clawing and digging in the lives of others.

It is alright for the anteater to dig and claw and destroy with his tongue. He was made to do that. But it is not so with people. We were made for the Lord, made to belong to Him, made to be used by Him. We are spoiled by sin, but God paid for our sins in the Person of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, on Calvary's cross. Christ arose from the dead to give us the power of a new life. Have you received the Lord Jesus as your only God and Saviour from sin? Are you allowing Him to control your tongue and indeed your whole life?

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