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Hmgbird.wmf (13886 bytes)About as long as a man=s thumb or your computer mouse and about as light as a pencil, the hummingbird is the smallest of birds and indeed one of the smallest of warm-blooded animals. (The bee hummingbird is only about two inches long, and half of its length is its bill and tail!) The hummingbird is named for the humming sound its wings make when it flies. It can flap its wings up to 90 times a second and can hover in mid air. It is the only bird that can fly both forwards and backwards and even upside down! It can reach a speed of sixty miles an hour! The ruby-throat hummingbird migrates more than 500 miles across the Gulf of Mexico every year in a nonstop flight. Others have been known to go more than 2000 miles. How can such a tiny bird do so very much?

The hummingbird has a quite an appetite. It must eat almost humngbrd.wmf (2328 bytes)constantly to produce enough energy to hover and fly. Its heart rate can climb to ten beats a second when hovering and feeding. Hummingbirds eat nectar as well as insects which they sometimes catch in mid air. They are helpful to the flowers from which they feed as they transfer the pollen which gets on their heads from flower to flower. When the weather is colder, a hummingbird can lower its body temperature, slow its breathing, and heart rate. If we could work as hard as the hummingbird we would need to eat more than six hundred pounds of food each day and the pace would cause our blood to boil!

The hummingbird is perfectly fitted for the task it must do, but there is one thing it cannot do, nor can any other animal do it. It cannot know God in a personal way. God has given human beings that grand privilege. The Old Testament Book of Ecclesiastes says that God has put eternity in man=s heart (3:11). God made us with the ability to know Him and we are not complete and happy and fulfilled until we do. The Bible says that by Jesus Christ were all things created, and by Him all things are held together. Furthermore it says in Colossians 2:10 that we are complete in Him. He makes us complete as persons. His death, burial, and resurrection for us make possible our salvation from sin. AAnd this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent@ (John 17:3).

Do you know your Creator?

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